Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

1 cC7 y,,,,. The Preface. poor are fogreat, ac fhould commandme very much to abate offullprovifionsfor my poflerity. And for the proportion, 1 fbould labour to difcern, whether the times were fuch , and mypofierityfuoh, as that the flock of my efiatewouldbemore ferviceable to God in their h.,nds, or otherwife laidout. For the times andqualityof children may make agreat alterati- on in the cafe. 6. Had I an only fon that were notorioufly ungodly, i wouldleave himno more thenfood and rayment, if Ihad ten thoulandpounda year, but wouldgive it to God for the works in which I might promote his intereft. eiYty Reafons are many, which I have touchedupon in another dif- courfe. 4s,1 . Such asforfeit their very daily bread, mould not have any more then their daily bread : But fuck notori- ous wicked ones forfeit their dailybread : He that will not la- bour,faith Paul, let bimnot eat, 2 Thef..3. much more in fuchgreatercafes. 2. According toGods ancient Law,Deut. 2 i. they forfeit their lives, and the parents therewere to caufe them tobe put todeath,that were obflinately unreform- ed. And is the cafefo alteredthinkyounow , ag that youare bound to make fuchchildren rich , that parents then were bound toput todeath ? 3. 1 am not bound to give unnecef fart' provtftons to an enemy of God, tomu -employ it , and ftrengthen him to do mifchief , and be more able to opprefs Godsfervants, er oppefehis Truth , or ferve the Devil. 'forbear to mention the proportions of mens elates , that I think they are ordinarilybound toalineate, butBeall leave you to Prudence and the General Rules left IPena to you to go beyond my line. But in general I mullfay, that it is a felf/b andan hainous errour, to think that menfhould lay up all that they can gather for their poflerity, andall to leave them richand honourable , and put off God, and all chari- table ales, with the crums thatfallfrom their Tables, or with fame inconfiderabic driblets. If the Rich man in Luke