Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface. talium fxlicitate.dubitat, poteft idem dubitare, & de deorum immortalium ftatu, an parum beatè dégant quod illis nonprxdia, nec horti Pint, &c. Sen. As it is the,bonour of God the firfl mover , omnia movere ipfe non motu3,5 So it is the honour of thegreatefl Benefacdors, om- niadare nihil habentes ; He that hath it to Give , hath it more tranfcendently,thenhe that bath it but toUfe. He that bath mofi, hath moll care, andtrouble, and envy , anddan- ger, and thegreatefl reckoning. Neither Poverty nor Riches, was the wife mans wifhr but Convenient food. Optimus pecuniæ modus eft , qui nec in paupertatem cadit nec procul á paupertate difcedit. Sen. No man doth dif em- ble, lie, eppre f, defraudfor loveof Poverty ; but thoufands do it for love of Riches. Neminem vidi tyrannidem ge- rere propter Paupertatem , plurimosvero propter divi- tias,faith the Cynick, citante Stob. Poverty is one óf the cheapefl medicines for the mind, andRiches a dear deceit. A Philofopher calls Poverty a felf: taught vertue,and Riches a vice to be acquired with great labour and diligence : Po- verty is a Natural Philofophy: anefedual doctrine of tem- perance and Riches a Nurfery of Pride , voleipruoufnefs andeveryvice. And Paul comes near it, andfpeakethmore cauteloufly, yet home enough, that The love of money i> the root of all evil, a Tim. 6, io.. and therefore is 11 14 a tranfcendent evil. Sweet healthful Temperance is cheap, and may be main- tained without any great revenews : it is killing luxury, excefs and pride that are fo dear, and require fo muchfor their maintenance. our journey is not offuchfnsall moment, nor our wayfofair, nor our dayfo long, nor ourflrengih and patience fo great, as to enco with things unneceffasy. Chr .an; pving is daily /l htin And weufe not tofight withour Riches on our backs, butfor theme Be thatfwimmetbwith thegreate, t load, is likelyefl; ofink. (e2) t. fen