Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

ThePreface. Menfancy that evil in a low eflate which elfe they wouldnot feel ; andwhen they havepickt a cauflefs quarrel with it , andundefervedlyfallenout with it , they (peakabufively of 3t, andof God h mfeltfor calling it upon them. Men love Richesfo well, becaufe they love fin fo well. Didpoverty ac- commodate mens vices and feed and fati,fie their f nful lu%ts as well as Riches it would be lovedas well. And if Ri hes didftarveup luxuryand voluptuoufrefs as much as Poverty , they would be as much abhor'd. Few Men(peak highly ofHonours, or Riches, or Pleajures at the lafi ; nor hardlyof a loworfufering (late. Andthe lafl judgement is Commonly the wifefl. Let not therefore thefear of Poverty deteryoufromgood works. Tea rathergivefpeedily, anddogood whileyou have it, before all begone andyou be difabled. Saith Nazianzen ( Orat. de Amor. Pauper.) Deo grat'tudinis ergo ali- quid tribue, quod ex eorunm numero fis, qui de aliis bene mereripoffunt, non qui aliorum beneficentiaopus habe- ant :quod in alienas manus nonoculos conjeetos habeas, fed alii in tuas : Da ()perm, ut non folum opibus , fed etiam pietate, non folum auro, fed etiam virtute fis lo- cuples. Cura ut proximo tuo idcirco praa(tantior fis, quia benignior. Fac calamitofo fis Deus, Dei miferecor- diam imitando. Nihil enim tamDivinum horno habet, quamdealiis bene meren. ] ifyou have nopitty onothers, haveTome onyourfouls. Givenot allyour Land r andwealth to yourfefh andyour poferity : Give fame of it toyour fouls , by giving it to God, shall your bodies have it, and your fouls have none, or but a little ? [ Hoc folum quod in opibus bonum eft, lucremur ; nempe ut animas no- frasineleemofynis acq.uiramus, facultates noftraspau- peribus impertiamus , ut coeleftibus ditemur. Anirnx quoque partem da ; non carni duntaxat : Deo quoque partem da, non mundo tan tun : Ex ventre aliquid fub- trahe,