Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

ThePreface.° lieve the poor,, then if it were left to their own hands. 9. It wouldbe a bleifed Work for our Rulers and fome Richmen toere a Colledge (at Salop, I think the only fit place, for manyReafons) for the education of scholars for the ufe of Wales ; a Countrey, whole prefentmifery, and antient honour , and readinefs to receive theGofpel, and zealous profelsion of what they know, fhould encourage 211 good men to help them. Too few will fend their Ions to our prefent Univerfities, and too few of thofe that come thither are willing to return. But if this may not be done , the next way, will beto add forne Charitable help for them inoxford, obliging them to return to the fervice of their Countrey. ilk Were Ito (peak to Princes, or men fo Rich and Potent as tobe able todo fo gooda Work, I would provoke them to do as much as the Jefuites have done, in Peeking the Converfion of fome of the vaft Nationsof Infidels, that are poffeft of fogreat a part of the world : viz. To ereä a Colledge for thole whom theSpirit of God thall animate for fo great a Work , and to procure oneor two of the Natives out of the Countries whofe Converfion you defign , to Teach the Students in this Colledge their lan- guage ( which its like might be eífedted.) Andwhen they have learned the Tongues, to Devote them - felves to the Work, where by the Countenance of Embaffadors, Merchants, Plantations or any other means,they may procure accefs and liberty of fpeech. Doubtlefs God would fir up fome among us, toven- ture on the labour and apparent danger, forfo great a work : If we be not better principled, difpofed And refolved,to door Puffer infogood a cafe, then the Jefuites