Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface, Jefuites are , we are much to blame. And where we can but have opportunity, we are like to do much more good then they. i . Becaufe they are fo im- portunate every where for the Intereft of the Pope that the People prefently finell it tobe but a felñfh se- cular defign. 2. Becaufewhen they have taken them from their Heathenifb Idolatry, and takendown their Images,they fet up the Divine Worfhip of the Holt, and the Crofs, and the Religious worfhip of the Vir- gin Mary and the Saints, with prayers to them, in the ftead,with fuchabundance of Ceremonious additions, that the people think it is as good be where they are; as if it werebut the taking down one Daimon or Di- Ina to fet upanother in a kind of emulation,and they think that every Cóuntrey fhould continue the wor- fhip of their antient patrons or Daimons. Whereas if we went among them, with the plain & pure Gofpel, not fophifticaced by drefe fuperftitions, witha fimple intention of their fpiritual good, without any defigtns of advantage to our felves,its like we might do much more, and might expeât a greater blefsing from God; as Mr. Eliot and his helpers find of their Bleffed la- bours in NewEngland where if the languages , and remote habitations (or rather no habitations but di- fperfions) of the inhabitants didnot deny them op- portunity of fpeech, much more might be effeéted. And though theMahometans are more cruel then the Heathens againft any that openly (peak againft their fuperftition and deceit, yet God would perfvade Tome, its like, to think it worth the lofs of their lives to make fome prudent attempt in fome of thole vaft Tartarian or Indian Countries , where Chriftianity hath had leaft accefs and audience. As difficult works as thefe are, the Chriftian Princes and people (g) are