Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Preface. are exceedingly too blame, that they have done no more in attempting them ; and have not turned their private quarrels, into a common agreement for the good of thepoor uncalled world. 1 have toldyou of divers waies, in whichyou may fecure sour wealth from lofs , and make an everlafling"advantage of it. Thofe that have Power andnot a Will, malllofe the Reward,and have the condemnation ofunfaithful Stewards. Thofe that have Power and an envious evil Will, that de- firethnot the Churches good,(ball moreover have the Punif . ment of Malignant enemies. Tbofe that have neither Power nor Will , or are both Impotent and malignant, (hall be judgedaccording to what they wouldhavedone, if they had been able. Thofe that havean unfeigned Will,but not Power pall be accounted as if they had done the works : for God accepteth the will for the deed : All thefe GoodWorks are yours, poor Chriflians, that never did them, if certainly you would have done them, notwithflanding thedifficulty , cofl andfuHiring, ifyou had beenable. But it is the godly Rich, that are bothAbleandWilling, andachwallyperform them,. that will profit both themfelves andothers, that both their own and others fouls may have the comfort of it. 1 pall" lay forne of the words of Godhimfelfbeforeyour eyes, and heartily prayfor thefakeofyour own fouls, and he publick Good , that you may excell Papifls as far in Works of Charity, asyou do in the foundnefs of Doilrine,. Difcipline andWurfhip. Gentlemen,.. excufe the neceffary Freedom of fpeech, andAccept the Seafonable, Honourable , Gainful vtitotion, youfrom the Word of God, by Feb. Tourfaithful Monitor, 165; Rich. Baxter..