Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

three hundredpound of Gold for thepoor, and bid him Take it, but give him aBill under his hand that Chrififhouldre- pay it him in another world. Synefius took the moneyfor thepoor, andgave him under his hand Inch a Bill es he de- fired. Not longafter the Philofopher being near to death commanded his funs that when they buried him , they fhould put Synefius Bill in his hard in the Grave ; which they did : And the thirdday after, the Philofopherfamedto ap. pear to Sync fius in the night, and laid to him , [ Come to my Sepulchre, where I lie, and take thy Bill, for I have received the Debt and am faisfied ; which for thy affurance I have fubfcribed with my own hand. ] The Bilhop knew not that the Billwas buried with him , but fen: to bis fans, who toldhim all ; and taking them and the chief men o f the City, he went to the Grave, and found the Paper in the hands of the Corpfe, thusfubfcribed, [EGO EVAGRIUS" PHILOSOPHUS, TIBI SANCTISSIMO DOMINO srNESIO EPISCOPO SALUTEM : ACCEPI DEBITUM IN HIS LITERIS MA- NU TUA CONSCRIPTUM, SATIS- FACTUMQUE MINI EST; ET NUL- LUM CONTRA TE HABEO JUS PROPTER AURUM QUOD DEDI TIBI, ET PER TE CHRISTO DEO ET S ALV A T O-R. I N O S T RO. ] that 'is IEva- griu9 the Philofopher to thee mofl Holy Sir, Bilhop Synefius greeting : I have recreived the Debt which in this Paper is written with thy hands, and I am fatisfied, and I have no Law (or Anion) againfl thee for the Goldwhich I gave to thee , and by thee to Chrift our God and Saviour. ] They that fee thething admired, and glorifiedGodthatgave fuck wonderful evidence of his pro- mifes to hisfervants : And, faith Leontius, this Bill fub- fcribed