Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Contents. Further Application for ConviE. ion of worldling-1 , Sect. 17. P. 94 Convincing Evidences .produced, p. 98. Specially to the greater fort. Ten Articles of Aggravation of the,norldli p,165 Further prefifor convittion, , P. 115 Ufe of Exhortation,to Crucifie theworld, Sect. i8. p..12o. Spe- cially to Gentlemen.< Tet clofdyer urged, p. 124 Twelve gueflions to evince thefollyofworldling!, ; . 14,8 &c. Thedutyfurthercharged home, Sect. 19. p 138 The Living worldwill beyour own tormentor, p. 139 An infiance in point of Repgtationand Honour, IN 141, &c. Directions forfuccefsful Crucifying the world, p. 148 Direct. i. Make ufe of the Crofs of Chrift hereto, p. 149 Direct. 2. Receive not afallpit-lore of the world intoyour minds, but thinkeof the creature truly as it is, p. "152 Direct 3. Crucifie thefleA, which is theAlaffer Idol, p. 154 Dire& 4. Keepyour minds intent on thegreater things of everlafl- ing life, , p,15,7' Direct. 5. Vnderfiand the right ufeandend of the creatures, and make it your bufinefs,to employthemaccordingly, p.158 Direct. 6. KeepfenOleof its enmityandyourdanger, p. 161 Direâ. 7. Be much inthe houfe of mourning, andfee the endof all the living. Direct. 8. Study to improve afiîit ions, p. 162 Direct. 9. Be veryfufpiciousofprofperity, andfearmore the fmi_ ling then thefrowning world, p. 163 Direct. r o. Before to keepof the means of its livelyhood, andkeep it under mortifyingmeans, p. 171 Contlufionof that Ufe, P. 175 Ufe to thefaní`tifeed, toufe the worldasa Crucified thing, Sect. 21. p.176 1. Seek, it but asa means to higher things , and not for it Pelf , p. 178 2. Be not too -agerforit,. p. i8o 3. Suffer it not to Crucifie jots with cares and farrows , p..181 4. Let itnot thrufi out Godsfervice, nor be madeanex4,1 for neg- (h 2) ligence.