Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

TheContents. ligencein Religion, p. 1$2 5. Vfe no unlawful means toget it, p. 185 6. lmploy itfor the flefh, but improve allfor God: uncharitablenefs reproved, p.187 flfull anfwer to the common reproach , that Profef fors of godlinefs are the mall covetous of all, p. 191 lifeof Confolation. The Benefits of being Crucified to the world, p. 202. CO 220 The fecond PA R r . of the Chriflians Glorying. Doer. !('Rue Chriffians mußwith abloorrency renounce all'car- nal glorying , and muß glory only in the Croft of Chrif, by whom the world is Crucified to them , and they to the world, p. 220. Particularly, i . True Chriftians that are Cru- cified to the world and thewerld,to them by the Croft of Chriff, may and muß glory therein. Howfar , and how far not , p.221 Proved by.Scripture andfourteen Reafons, p. 22Z life 1. To confute the flntinomian.miffake, that tels men they muß not glory nor fetch their comfortfrom any thing in rhemfelves. The cafeopened. Ten more reafons to prove thepoint alerted, p. 22.6,&c. 'Life 2. To difcover the errour of too many Chriffians , that cas glory is aflare of Exaltation, butnot of Crucifixion, or Morti- fication, p.231 Obferv. 2. when Believersglory in their own Mortification,it muff be as it is thefruir of the Croft of Chriff , that o all their Glo- rying maybe principally and ultimately in Chriff , and not in themfelves , p. 235. Twelve Reafons againff Glorying in oar [elves. to :'To condemnfelf-exalting, andprovoke toHumility, p. 2.41 Vbferv, 3... ToGlory in anythingfave the OafsofChrif, andour CrUtifxion irl111111111