Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

I The Contents. Crucifixion thereby, is a thing that thefoulof a Chrifiianfhould abhor. What is not here excluded from our lawful Glorying P. 243 What it excluded. Glory not, i . Indignities andhonours , p. 245 2. Nor in Riches, p. 246. Ner in comelinefs or firength. 5. Nor inApparel, p. 247. 6. Nor in Health. 7. Nor in NobleBirths p. 248. 8. Nor infriends. 9. Nor in meat, drinks, dwellings, eafe, company, recreation, etc. p. 249. I o. Nor inmetes good word : though they be Learned, Godly, &c. p. 25o. 11. Nor inLearning, Parts, &c. 12. TaIeç heedinwhat refpeFtyouglo. ry in Spiritual Mercies, I. InMinifiers, Ordinances, (horch, Communton,&c. 2.1n knowledge. 3. Ingoodworks. 4. Inese. periments of mercy or feelings ofcomfort. 5. In holy Graces, (whofenature isagainfl carnal glorying.) h 3 ) Errata.