Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Crofs of Chrifl. I in its place ; but if it will needs pretend to be what it isnot, and will promife to do what it cannot and fowould not only be tiled but enjoyed, we mutt take it for a deceiver, and rife up againft it with the greateft deteftation. For ell§ it will be the certain . damnationof our fouls. For he that bath a wrong End, is wrong in all the means ; and doth much work then lofe his labour in every ftep of his way: It is the greateft and molt pernicious er- reur in the world to ,mifake inour very end, and about our chiefeft good. When once the world would feem to beyour home, and promifeth you content and fatisfaclion, and is indeed the condition that' youwould have ; fo that you do not heartily and defiroufly look any further, but would with all your heart take this for your portion , if you knew but how to keep it when you have it, and begin to fay , It is good to be here ; and with that ftigmatized fool [foul take thy raft ] then hath the world pernicioufly deceived you,and if you benot effe6lually recover- ed , will be your everlafting ruine. Whatever it be that prefent- cth it felf to you (of this world) as your felicity, is to be hated, oppofed and crucified. Yea if it wouldbut (hare in thisoffice andhonour, and would teem tobe force part of your happinefs, thus alto mull it die to you, or your fouls mutt die : You can have but one ultimate principal! end and happinefs. If you take the world for it, you can expeti no more. TheCovetoufnefs of fuck is Paid to be Ido- latry, Col. 3 5. and their bellies to be their God , Phil. 3. 18, 19. and theirgain to be their Godlixefs, r rim. 6. 5. and their portion is in this life , Pfal. 17.14. and fo they arecalled , glen of the world ; Here theyby up a treafure to themfelves, and therefore here is their hearts, Mat. 6. t 9, 20, 21, and 'verily theyhave their reward, Mat. 6. 5. 2. As the creature isfet in competitionwith God er in the leafy degree of Co-ordination with God, fo is it to be hated, rejected and crucified, It is Gods prerogative to have Soveraign Intcreft in the foul : To be efleemed and loved as our chiefefi good, and to be depended on as the principal caufe of our well-being. The heart he made for himfelf, and the heart he will have or elfe whoever hath it (hall have it to its woe. He will be its Refs, or it (hall never have Reft : and he will be its Happinef or it (hall be miferable everlaftingly. If now the prefu.mptuous world will C 2 play