Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

It The Cravcifying of the world, play the Traytor, and Peek to difpoffefs the Soveraign of your fouls, its time to ufe it as a Traytor fhould be ufed. If it will needs ufurp the place of God down with that Idol, and deal witlsitas itdeferves. O with what indignation and fcorn may the Lord ofglory look downupon the dirty worth-lefs creature, when he feeth it in his throne ! ,What I an earthen God ! an aeryGod I Is gold, and honour, and flefhly pleafures, fit mat- ter to become your God I And with what indignation and fcorn fhpuld a gracious foul once hear the motion of entertaining fuch a God ! It fhould be odious to us once tohear a comparifon between the living God,and theworld ! as ifit .would be to us, what he would be or could' procure our fafety; and felicity in his Natl. As the Jews would not endure to hear of Chrift being their King, but cryed out, e Awsywith him, Crucifie him, tie have 'to King but C.efar.So mutt we think and fpeakof the world when it would be our King ; Away'with it, crucifie it, wehaveno King but God in thrift. And as the rebellious world faith of Chrift, Luke 19.27. We willnot have thisman to ruleover ur, ; fo muff we layof the flefh and theworld, we will,not have them to rule over us. As,the churlifh Ifraelite asked Mofes (the Prophet like C,hrift) fo mutt we do the flefh and world ; Who made theea Ruler over us? We may value very dunghill forthe manuring of. our Land : but if anyman will fay, This dunghillis the Sun, which giveth light to the world ; the. affection wouldrather caufe derifion then belief : Or, if you would perfwade a man to put it in his bofom or his bed, he, would caft it away with abhorrence and difdain, who wouldnot haverefufed it if you, had laid it in his field. The poorefi beggarmay be regarded in hisplace; but if; he will proclaim.himfelf King, you,will either laugh at him as a. fool, or abhor him as a ' Traytor ; fubjeets do owe much ho- nour and obedienceto their Princes ; but if Caligula will needs be 7.a piter, or if they mutt hear as the Pope,Dominus Deus nofier Paper, orif they will ufurp Gods prerogatives, and undertake his proper work, or.will fet themfelves againft his truth and intereft, andgrow jealous of, his power onwhich they mutt depend , and . of his Gofpel and fpiritual Adminittrations.and Difcipline, left it fhould, ecclipfe their glory or crofs theirwills , this is the ready way tomake them becomebare, and lay both themand their gfo. hedulít.., TheJews ought to reverence Herod their King, but