Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

The Epillle Dedí'catóry. their fouls , and forgive their worldlyheats atad lives. Some will give in their life time , but it is but part of their f%nfull gains Tike the Thief that would pay Tythes of all that he had flolen. Some give a part of their more lawfull increafe ; but it is againli their will; it being forced from rhemby Law, for Church and Poor ; and thereforeproperly it is no gift. Some will give freely ; but it is onfore cor- rupt deign ; to flrengthen a party or a carnali Interefi or make their way to fore prefer- ment: Somegive,but only to thofeoftheir own Opinion and not to a Difciple in the name of a Difciple. Some give in Contention as the troublers of the Churchof Corinth preacht to add affliction to our bonds. As many of the Papifis, that think by their works of Charity, they are warranted uncharitably to ulanderal- mofi all befides themfelves s as if we were all enemies to Good works,or folifidians that took them for indifferent things ; or made themnot our bufinefs. `Yea the befl work that the Je- fuites ever did, even thepreaching oche Go- fpel to the Heathens,they would not endure us to joyn with them irt, where they could hinder us unlefs we would do it in their Papal way. Some will do Good, to flop the cries ofa guil- A 3