Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

i8' The Crucifyingof the world, theLife of the creature which we know, and the knowingof hins in k is the Life of all our knowledge. The illiterate worlddoch gaze upon the creatures, and fall in lovewith the out-fide and. materials and play with it , but underftandethnot a creature. By- feparating it in their apprehenfions fromGod, the fenfe, they, doannihilate rho world to themfelves, as to its principals ufe and íignification. There are two Texts of Scripture among many others , of which I have,fcen thought as notable defcriptions of a carnal , mans life : theone as to the privative part and the other as to the pofLive. One is, ephej 2.12. which calleth them [ Atkt- ijls, or without Gad in the world.] They fee and know fomewhat of the World, but God they neither fee nor know : They con- verfe with the world , but not with God : All their affeetions are let out upon the world, but Gad bath none of them : All their bufinefs is about the world, but they live as if they had no- thíng, todowith God. Asa Schollar, if his Mafter fhould fiand in a corner of the School towatch what he will do, will behave himfelf while he feeth him not, as if he were not there; he will playwith his fellows and. talkto them,as if there were no Mafter in the School . ; So do the ungodly live in the world, as if there were no God in ; they.rhink, and fpeak, and deal with the world , as if therewere nothing but the world for them co cpnverfe with. As for God they know him not , hut' carry themfelves as if they hadnothing to do with him ; and ask in their heartsas Pharaoh once did , Who is the Lord that IJhould Parvehim ? And perhaps thismade Davidfar, Pfal.14. i.[The fool bath fail in his heart there is no. God.] Though he fpeak it not pofitively, yet there h a privative Atheilm,which is interpre- tatively to fay, [ There is noGod.] For he feeth him not nor taketh any great notice of him ; but liveth as without him in theworld : Not without him efficiently confidered ; for fo no- thingcan fubilft without him, but without him objeWlively cori lidered : For godis not in allhis thoughts,'Pfal. io. 4, s._ andhis judgements are far above, out of hisfight. Godlooketh down upon the childrenof men, tofee if there be any that Will tsnderfl;rnd and Beek after God but theyaregone afide, and are become filthy, and objervenot him that obferveth them Pjal. 14. 2, 3. This is the cafe of poor.,worldlings from the higheft Princé to the loweft beggar:.