Baxter - BV4253 B39 C78 1658

By the Crop of Chri, 19 beggar : Agreat deal of bu(nefs they have in the world, fame in reeking what they want and others in holding and enjoying what they have ; but they all live as without God in the world. [No* cenß :der thit ye that forget God , left he tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver you, Pfal. 50.22. For the wicked fha/l be turned into bell, and all the Nations that forget God, Pfal 9.17. ] The other Text that defcribeth the life of a racer naturall man, is, falm 39.6. to which you may joyn, Pfalnn7 3.20. The former faith, [ Surely every man zvalketh in a vain fhePo ; Purely they are difqueted , or+ make a tumult and (fir in vain. ] Though the brevityof life if fell maybe fomething here intend- ed , yet that feemeth not to be all but alto the vanityof it as it is a worldly life, and imployed meetly about tranfitory crea- tures : For even on earth our Spiritual lifeof Grace, andCome munionwith God in Chrift by the Spirit,is not vain. The word which we tranflate a vainfheW, fignifieth the image or fl:adow, or appearance, or figure of a thing : a thing that is nothing, or not the thing it feems to be, but the fhewof it ; or as the Pro- phet himfelf expoundeth it, a dream : Men do but Item to live, that live only on and fo the creature ; they do but feem to be Rich, that have no other Riches; and feet') to have Neal-are , that have no higher Pleafures; andfarm to be Honourable, that have but the, Honour that comes from man. A great flir they make in the world, to little purpofe. They thru f themfelves into tumults, and quarrel, and fight and tome are conquered , and others conquerors, and force lament, and others rejoyce., Tome walk dejectedly, and others domineer ; and all is but a vain (hew or thing of nought. Its but like childrens games, where all is done in ;eft , andwife men account it not worthy their obfervance. Its but like theaning of a Comedy, where great perfons andanions are perfonated and counterfeited; and a pompous fir there is for a while,to pleafethe foolifh f . nators, that themfelves may bepleafed by theirapplaufe ; and then they come down and the (port is ended; and they are as they were. The lifeof a worldling is but like a Poppet- pla7 , where there is great doingsto little purpofe Or like the beliegadding of the laboriousAnts,to gather together a little flicks and flraw, which the fpurnof amans foot will loon difperie. Thus do all worldly D2 - fenfual