Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

48 HLI f temes ofCommunion. the fleíh the world and thedevil , and to cafe fuch covenanting words as mutt Gñnifie fpecial grace. But through the great mercyof Gód , Baptifm is Bill the fame thing in all the Chriflian Churches in the world, the Reformed, the Roman the Çreek, the Armenian, yea and the Ethiopian too, for all their feeming reiteration of it. And Ea- ptifm among them all, is the fame now as it hath been in all Generations, from Chrifts inftiturien of it. So that we fully maintain as well as the Romani, that Chriflianity hath by thisfacred Tra- dition been fafely delivered down to us to this' day. What a Chriffian is, and what Chrifliani- ty is, may be mot}certainly known, by this which, is commonly called our C Inwhich the profeffion and covenant which maketh men Chri- flians is fo exprefs and unchanged from age to age. Therefore thefe men whowould have our Baptifm changed, do fpeak plainly; but impu- dently ; as if they were raifed in the end of the world, to reform the Eaptifm and Chriflianíty ofall ages, and were not only wifer than the univerfal Church fromChris till now but alfa at lafl muff make the Church another thing. I intreatthe Reader who would know the jtidge- ment of all antiquity about Baptifm , as fuppo= Ong faving grace, to read thofe numerous citati- ons of Mr. Gataker in the Margin of his book a. gaina Davenant, of Baptifm. Fifthly,` and by this new doarine they defroy all that fprcial Love which Church - members or vifble Chrifli- ans as fuch, {hould bear to one another. For if no faith or content muff necetlarily be profe-lled at Baptifm, but that which is common tthe rtngodly' and'