Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

"'dfe terms of CornMufii®167, 49 and children of the devil, then dl Church- members as only fuch, mull be taken to be but ungodly, and no man mull love a Church-member as fuch, with a fpecial love , as a vifible Saint ; but only as one of the hopefulier fort of the ungodly.Sixth- ly, and hence it will follow, that either none muli make any profeffion offining Faith and Repentance ( and fo all appearance of holinefs muli be dri- venout of the world) or elfe the Church muff be cont$ituted of two forts of profeflions and pro. feffours, tota fpecie diltir6 from one another; yea morediffit;o than Infidels are from their new fort of Chrillians. And ccnfequently it muff needs be indeed two Churches and not one, viz. One church of thofe who take Chrift for their Teacher only, and another of thofe that take him entirely as Chrrft. Seventhly, and by this rule the Socinians and Mabometans, who confefs Chritf to be a great Teacher,but deny him tobe the Prieft and facrifice for fin, may be baptized, and taken for Chriflians.. Thefe and many moreabfurdities follow upon this new conceit. But I muff defre the Reader who would fee more of it, toperufe my Difputations about Right to Sacraments, where it is handled at large. As to their Obje&ions I anfwerÁ Firft, no man is called to lie, nor, yet . are they fearft l tobe Phut out For as no man is perfeUly acquainted with his own heart, fono man Is toprofefs a per- fe& knowledge of it : But if a man fpeak as he thinketh upon faithful endeavours to avoid felf- deceit, no more can be expeóed of him. He that can fay [ Though I am not certain that there is no fecret fraud in y heart, yet as far as I can G difcerr