Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

ïaurch-Communton, 55 contained , mutt taking Goa the Father , :)0,a and Holy Ghoft,ffr our Father, Saviour, andSanctifier. Obj,.But you may teach a Parrot tofpeal,thofe`words Anfo. Its true : And perhaps ,to fpeak any words which you ufeyour felves : But if you will thence conclude that words muit not be taken as a Profefon, yougrofly err, or abufivelywrangle; or if you infer thence that your neighbour tan- derftandeth himfelf no more than a Parrot doth, you muttprove'what you fay (to the Paftor of the Church : For God hath not allowed him to ex- communicate baptized perfons, becaufe you fay -that they are ignorant.And if they are willing to learn it isfitter to' teach them than to excommunicate theme And here I mutt lament it, that I have met withmany cenforious Profe.ífors, who would not communicate with the Parifh Churches, bccaufe the people are ignorant, who, when I have exami- ned themfelves, have proved ignorant of the very f,4bftance of (hviftianity, fothat I have beenmuch in dòubt whether I ought to admit them to the Lords Table or not: They knew not whether Chriff was Eternal, or whether he was God a.hen he xiwa-s on earth, or whether ,.he be Man noro he ,às in heaven; nor what-Faith is, or what Juflifczar 'iion or Sanc`lifcation is, nor what the (vsnant of grace is; nor what Bapti` or the Lrds Supper are nor could prove the Scripture to be the wordof God, or prove mans foul to be immor- tal ; but gave falfe or impertinent anfwers about all thefe : And yet could .not ,join with the igno- rant Churches. And next I delire you here to abferve the 41 fJèrent Priviledges, as well .;s the different Core G 4 ditions,