Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

¶4 Sinfulftritinefs about Obj. But how few among acs do fo much asfeem.i be underltanding, feriou-s, and refolved in covenant ing with Chrift ? Anfw. In the Degree of thefe we all fall íhort of that which is our duty : But if you 'accufe any of the want of fo much as is neceffary to an ac- ceptable Profeffion; Fail, you Ind} be fare that you fpeak not by uncharitable furmife and hear- fay, but upon certain proof or knowledge. Second- ly, and that therefore you fpeak it not at a venture ofwhole Parili9es or families, but only of thofe per- fns by name, whom you know to be guilty.Third- ly, and that you remember that it is thePaflors office to judge, and that youexpeanot that every one muff give an account of their knowledge to you : And if there be a mifjudging, it is the fault of the Poor, and notyours (of which more a- non. ) Fourthly, that perfons Baptized are al- ready admitted into the Church, and- therefore if they make profeflion of Chriflianity, they muff not be put to bring any other proof of their ti- tle; but it lies on you to difprove it, if you will have it queftioned. And to rejeO them from communion without a proved accufation, is Ty- ranny and Lording it over the Church of God. Thefe are Gods terms of Church-communion ; And if you will needs have fIriaer,you muff have none of his making but your own. Obj. But all vifible Chriftian.r and Churches, are vifible Saints and Regenerate ;land fo are not ours. "Info, To be a TTifible Saint, is to profef to be a Saint : And whofoever Both profefs the Baptifmal Covenant profeffeth to be a Saint. Converfion, Regeneration Faith and Rel. enunce , are all contain..