Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

ofwifible partiality about duties,dec. 57 DIRECT. VII. Ctt right and deep aprehenfons of the isle= cefsity and Reafons of Chrijlian Unityand Concord : and of the fin and tnifiery of Divifonsand Difcord., e have but flight apprehenfens of i duty ww e eally negleót it, and fcarce re- prove our felves for it, or repent of our omillì- on. And when we have but flight apprehenfons of the evil of any fin, a little temptation d'raw- eth us to it; & we are hardly brought to through - repentance for it : And there is in many Chri- ílians, a firange inequality andpartiality in their apprehenfionsofgood and epil. Some duties they dare not omit, and they judge all ungodly who omit them : when fume others as great are paff by, as if they were nopart of religion. And fome fns they fear with very great tendernefs, when we can fcarce make their confciences take any notice, ofothers as great. And ufually they let out all their zeal on one fide only, while they over-look the other. The Papifi feemeth fo fenfible of thegood of ! nity, and the evil of Divifions, that he thinketh ufurpa- Lion of an Univerfal Church -Monarchy, and Ty- ranny and horrid bloud-lhed , to be not only lawful, but neceffary for the prevention and the cure. But toFnake him as fenfible of the wic- kednefs of thefe unlawful means, and of the good of a feriormfpiritual ReligioAfiiefs, and of Chriftian L ve