Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

5ó of vifble partiality about figs. Love and tendernefs andforbearance, here is the ;great difficulty. And on the other fide , many arevery fenfible of the need offpirituality ancrferioufnefs in Reli- t, and of the evil of hypocritical formality and imagery, and of ufurpation of the preroga- tives of Chrift, and of theplague ofperfecuting Pride and cruelty, who yet have little fenfe at all, of thigood of Unity, and of the mifchiefs of divifioñs in the Church. Yea many are fQ careful to be found exaa in their obedience to God, that they build very much for deities and againft fins, upon dark and very far- fetcht con- fequences, and upon a few obfcure and doubt- ful paffages in .Scripture, when there is no ex- prefs words, or clear text at all, to bear theïn out : And doubtlefs the darken intimations of the will of God,mull not be difregarded. But on the other fide, we cannot bring them to lay to heart, fome drities and fns, which are over and over, an hundred times, and that with vehemen- cv, exprelt and urged in the plaint word. And becaufe all Ch rillians pretend to fabmit to the word of God, I will try whether it be not thus withyou in the prefent cafe, and will cite many plain exprefions of Scripture, for Chriíiian 'city and Concord , that you may either better perceive you duty , or plainly thew your great partiality. Zech. 14. 9. In that day there fhall be One Lard And his n1m, One. Ezek. 34. 23. I will Jet rvp One Shepherd over them. Ezek. 37. 2,2. 1 will aeke themOne Nation --andOne IC ing 'hall be King , to them 41, gnd theyfh4ll be no more two Nations, nor divided