Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

74 The happsefr of î>fn:ty, and the honour or difhonour of Chrift and the Gof- pel, and Religion is much concerned in it. A- greement among Chriflians telleth the world, that they have a certainty of the faith which they profefs, and that it is powerful and not ineffe&ual, and that it is of a healing nature, and tendeth to the felicityof the world. But Divifions and dif- cords among Chriftians perfwade unbelievers, that there is no certainty in their belief: or that it is ofa vexatious and deflrac`ive tendency ; or at bets that all its power is too weak, to overcome the malignity which it pretendeth to refill ; where did you ever fee Chrifrians live in undivi dadunity, uredifturrbedpeace, and unfeigned Love, but the very infidels and ungodly round about them, did reverence both themand their religion for it. And, where did you ever fee Chriflians divided, enpeaceable and bitter againíl each other, but it made them and their profetlion a fcorn to the un- believing and ungodly world? and whilft theyde- fpife andvilifie one another,they teach the wicked to defpife andvitifie them all ? Seventhly, I may therefore add , that theu- asiey of Believers, is one of Gods appointed means for the converfion and falvation ofunbelievers: And their Divifions and difcord are anordinary means ofhardening men in infidelity and wickednefs, and hindering their love and obedience to the truth. As a well ordered Army, or a City of uniform comely building , is a pleating and inviting light to the beholders ; when a confuted rout, or a ruinous heap, doth breed abhorrence : even fo the very fight of the concordant focieties of Chrifiians, is amiable and alluring to thofe without