Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

OfUnity and i fos.r. 73 the whole body: Rip up thofe guts which have fuch filthy excrements , he would not dwell a- gainfl one if I advifed him to fufpeó fuch kindnefs. Fifthly, Remember alfo , that the unity of Chriftians is their peace and eafe, as well as their ftrength and fafety. Pfal. 33. I . Behold how good and how pleafant it is, for brethren to dwell together in unity ! As the amity and converfe with friends is pleafant, and the concord of families is their quietnefs and eafe ; fo is it as to the amity and concord which is the bond of Church fociety. And the divifions and difcordof Chriftians, is their mutual pain and trouble. Do you not feel your minds diflurbed by it : Do you not fee the Church difcompofed by it ? The itch of contention, Both ordinarily make it pleafant for the time, to every Se& to fcratch byzealous wranglings anddifputes, for their feveral opinions, till the blood be ready to follow : But the fmart and fcab doth ufe to convince them of their folly. But if they will go more than Skin-deep, they may need a Surgeon. Children will claw themfelves; but it is Madmen that will wound themfelves. The hurt which we get in the Chriftian warfare, by mortifying the fefh , or by the perfecution of the malignant enemy is tenderly healed by the hand of Chriff, and ufually furthereth our in- ward peace. But if we, will hurt and wound and divide our felves, what pity or comfort can we expel. - Sixthly, Confider alfo that the Unity and Con- cord of Believers is their Honour, and their Divjfi-- ons and dijctrd are theirJhame :And confequently the