Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

76 Themi,fchiefs of Divigon, in us ; that the world may believe that thou haftPent me ,: And the glory which thougaveft me, 1 have gi- ven them, that they maybe one, even aloe are one : I in them, and thou in me, that they may be Made perfeE in one and that the world mayknow that thou haft fern me, andhaft loved there as thou haft loved me. All thefe obfervations are obvious in thefe wòrds. T. That the unity of Chrillians mutt be ,niverfal, even of all that believe the Gofpel of Chrift. 2. That this Union should have forne low refemblance to the Union of the Father and the Son. 3.. That it is Chriffs great delire and inter- ceflion for his Followers, that they may be one. q.. That their glory is for their Unity. 5. That their Unity is their perfe&ion. 6. That the Fa- ther.and Son are theHead or Center of the U- nity. 7. That.this Unity is the great means of converting the world to the Chriflianfaith, and convincing Infidels of the truth of Chrift, as fent by God. Open but your eyes and you may fee all thefe great do. rines in this Prayer of Chrills for his peoples Unity : O. that all the Chriflian Churches would try this means for the worldsCon- vertion l (Not on the impoffible terms of Popery, but ®n theneceffary terms propofed by Chrift. ) 8. Externa] & n,it, and peaceable Church -com- muraion doth greatly cherifh our Internal unity of Love :.And Church. divisions co cherifh wrath an malice and all the works of the 'flesh defcri- bed by Paul, 0/. '5. z 1, zz, 23. I pray } ou con- fider how he the [1kíhly and the fpiri- tua t ¡man : :v. 14., 15. Forall' the Law is fulfilled in one word, even in, this, rhos fhalt love thy neigh lour 44 thy f el f . But if) e bite and devour one another, take