Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

The benefits of Unity. 77 take heed that ye be not confirmedone of another. Ifay then,- walkin thefpirit, and yefhallnot fulfill the lifts of thefie/h. Fcr theflejb lugeth againfi the fpirit, &c. Now the works of theflefh are manifeft, adultery or hatred v..riance , emulations , wrath , flrife, feditions, ( or as it may be read ¶Dívifioxts or fatlions ) bereft:, envyings, murders, &c. But the fruit of thefpirit is Love, joy , peace, gentlenfs, goodnefs, faith, meeknef, temperance Againft fuch there is no law. And they that are Chrifis have crucified theflefh, with the 4Je1ions and lugs. Ifwe live in thefpirit, let .uu alfowalk in the fpirit. Let us not be defìrosis of vainglory, trove king one another, envying one another. Obi. Obut thole that Ifeparate from areguilty of this and that and the other ItAlnfrp. Chap 6. i. Brethren, if a man le over taken in afault,, ye which are fpiritu:l reftore fuch a one, in the fpirit of meeknefs., confidering thy felf left thou alfo be tempted : Infleadof cenforiotzs dig® dam and feparation , bear )e. one another, burden, andfo fulfil the Law of Chrjt : which you th nk you fulfil byyour unwarrantable feÍarations,while you are but fulfilling your flefhlypaffions. When once parties are engaged by their opini- ons in Anti-churches and fierce difputings, the flefh and fatan will be working in them againfl all that is holy, fweet and fafe. When united Chrì- fians are provoking, one another to Love and to good works, and minding each other of their heavenly cohabitation , and harmonious praife and aredelighting God and man by the melody of their concord ; The contentious zealots in their feparate Anti.churches w e preaching clown :04