Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Difcipliaae a Duty. Si feparate from the Cìtirch becaufe they are per- mitted : This is it which we call you to beware Not but that in force cafes, a Chriítian may law. fully remove from one Chùrch to another that path more light and purity, for the edification of his foul. But before you feparate from a faulty Church, a4fuch a4 may not lawfully be communicated with, you mutt look well about you, and be able toprove that thingwhich you affirm. Many weak Christians marking thofe Texts which bid us avoid a man that is an Heretick, and to have no company with diforderly walkers, and not toeat with flagitious perfons, do not fuflïci- ently mark their fenfe , but take them as if they call'd us to feparate from the Church with which thefe perfons do communicate. Whereas if you . mark all the Texts in the Gofpel , you fhall find, that all the feparation which is commanded in fuch cafes ( betides our feparation from the infi- dels or Idolatrous world > or Antichriffian and. Heretical confederacies , and no-Churches) is but one of thefe two forts. Firf}, either that the Church cafe out the impenitent (inner by the pow- er oftheKeyes. Secondly, or that private men a- void all private familiarity with them. And both thefe we would pro:note , and no way hinder. Thirdly, but that theprivate members should fe- parate from the Chasrch, becaufe fuch perfons are not call out of it , thewme one Text toprove it ifyou can. Let us here perufe theTexts that fpeak of oúr withdrawing from the wicked. r Cor. N. Is ex- prely written to the whole Church , a3 obliged soput away the inceftuoi$1 perfon frcm among therm a.n-