Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

80 Reformwithout dividing. and the "Unity of believers: If corruptions ble- mifhanddifhonour the Congregation; Do not fay [Let fin alone ; I muff not oppofe it for fear ofdivifion] But be the forwardefl to reduce all to the will of God. And yet if you cannot prevail as you defire, be the backwardeft to divide and fe- parate; and do it not without a certain warrant, and extrearn ._ neceflity. Refolve with 4uftin,, I will not be $he chaff, andyet I will not goout of the floor, though the chaff be there. Never give over your juft delve and endeavour of Re- formation: Andyet as long as poffibly you can a- void it,forfakenot the Church which you deli re to reform. As `Fatal Paid to them that were rea- dy to forfake a fea-wrackt veffel ß If thefe abide not in thAhip, ye cannot belaved Many a one byun- lawfal flying and fhifting for his own greater peace and fafety, Both much morehazard his own;: and others. DIRECT. IX. Forget not the great diTerence between caf, ing out the wickedand impenitent from the Church by difcipline; and the godliesfepa- rating from the church itfelf, becaufe the ,wickedare not call oat. The firfl is agreat duty : Thefecond IS ordinarily agreat fin. THe gletlion is not, whether the impenitent fhould be put away fromChurch-Communi- on? Thats not denied. But whether you fhoald feral