Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Of our fepai.ation fromRome. Univerfalityof Chriftians, acknowledge this .u- furping Head. Shew me in Scripture, or in Church-Hifory, that either there ever was de facto, or ought to bede jure, fuch a thing in the world as they call the Church, and I profefs I will immediately, turn Papiff. But if you ask why we feparated from the Papal Church ? I anfwer, Becaufe, fiat, it was no Church of Chrift (as fuch.) And fecondly, It was a Church of traiterou combi nation, againfi the prerogative of. Chrill, and therefore by the Prote(lants called the Anti- chrillianChurch. We feparated not from Borne either as the Zlniverfal Church ( for that it was not) nor,as pert of the Univerfal Church ; ( for fo we hold communion with thofe that are Chri- flans in it pill) Nor as a true worlhipping Congregation (for they confft of many thoufand congregations which we had never local com- munion with : And as true worfhipping congre- gations infpecie, we Dill hold communion with them in mird , fo far as they are fuch indeed But in two fences we feparate from them : Firft, as a P.ipl1 Catholic* Chnrèh ; becaufe in that {enfe they are no Church of Chrilt , but a pack of rebels : Secondly, as particular Con- ore?ations in frecie which have mixed Gods war- Ihip with falfe do&rive and Idolatrous bread- wo. fhip and ether unlawful things , which by oaths and praOcife they would force thofe to be guilty of, who will communicate with them. And thus we difown them only as neighbour Char- che, that never were their lapful fubjeets, but bear our tepimony againf their fn. And our forefathers wh9 were members of their Churches, I 2 depart.