Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

$4 Regular exclufton, how. departed to fave themfelves from their iniquity, and becaufe they were refufed by themfelves, un- lefs they would lie & forfwear &be idolaters,and communicate with them in their fin. Nor would they then, nor will they to this'day admit any in- tocommunion of their particular Churches, as Bach, who will not firft come in to their preten- ded Univerfal Church, which is noChurch, and worfe than none. If this anfwer feem not plain . and full toyou , it is becaufe you underflandnot Chriflian fenfe and reafon. DIRECT. Xs Expel not that any one lawfullyreceived by Raptifm into the Chriflian Church , 'hook! be calf out ofit, or denied thepriviledge of members , but according to the rules of Chriflian ehicipline , by the power of the Keyes, that is for obftinate impenitencya in agrofs er fcandalou4fin , which theper- ¡on isproved to beguilty of : and this after private and publick admonition, and ten- derpatient exhortation to Repentance. Ere are two things which I defire you to ob- ferve. Firfl , what is Chrif}s appointed way, for removing members from the Comma- pion of theChurch. Secondly, how great a fn it is to rémove tI em by a contrary ard' arbitrary way ofour own prefumptuous invention. Firfi,