Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Sacfpea Religiouspa fsions` i 21 perceive that they have too much, contrariety to the Chriflian nature, by their endeavouring to makeeach other odious. And all becaufe infteaci of di(Uinguifhing the members of thefame Body by their feveral offices and degrees, we aregrown to snake feveral Bodies of them, and to fet one part againfi another. How many a Kinndornes con- verCon from Infidelity hath been hindered ? and hew`many a faithful Minifler filenced or reproa- ched ? and how many excellent Chriftians flande- red and vilified? and how many blamlefs cuftoms, forms, and praóuifes accáfed ? and how many in- firmities aggravated as mortal crimes, by a fading factiousdifpofition, and to promote the caufe and interefl of a Sep. Therefore as you love your integrity and peace, keep up an impartial uni- yerfal love and honour to all Chriftians as fuck, and take heed of a dividing fpirir, DIRECT. XX. , ;e very fufpicious of your Religiouspafsions and carefully diffinguifh between a found and a finful zeal ; left you hould father your fin on the fpirit ofholinefs, and think that youare moil plea f ng God , when you offend hirn. WE are feldome more miftaktn in juftify- ing our felves than in our Pkflïoles : And whenour Aligns are Religiom the miftake is both mo l t ea f : e andmoll Eafe, becaufe we are apt