Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

120 Beware ofa SeitarianSpirit. theit malicious Calumnies to his glory. What company can you come into of forward Chrißians, but they are talking againft thofe of other parties ? (except a, few true entire Chrifti- ans) who are throughly puífeffed with the loving compaflìonate fpirit of their Lord, arid have re- ceived the true imprtllion of the Gofpel.) And if you mark' the cáuíe you will find it is a feftarian fpirit, that prevaileth againft the Catholick fpirit of Chrifbmity. And in no fea more,than in thofe that pretend to be the oñly Catholicks, and to do all this against the Seaaries as 'filch ! What bitter lies do thePopüt fens under the name of Gatholicks daily vent not only againft Luther, Calvin, and other Reformers, but any that fluid againft the peculiar intereft of their party: And they that can get the upper hand- and by worldly advantages become the domineering fe&,do think that thereby , they are exempted from the name and number of feaaries; and that all are'fedaries that queftion their authority, anddò not abfolute- y obey them. In ail their difcourfe the ßigmatizing of diffen- ters is an ordinary part l One fide reproacheth the other ás Hereticks and Schifmaticks ; And the other reproacheth them as hypocrites, forma- lifts and pharifaical perfecutors And every part think' that all this is a part of Chriftiän zeal and if they did it not they should be guilty Of lukewarmnefs and neutrality , and contenting to the fps of others. And thus the Church of Chr ft is engig,ed in a war againft it felf a And when all men fhoiild know them to be Chrifis ifc Ales by loving one another ;' máft men may perceive