Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

True and/age zeal. 123 to the ;Thole , may farther the intereff of the party. Fourthly, when your zeal tendeth to hurt and cruelty, and would have God rather to glorifie his juJlice by fome prefent notable judgement; than his Mercy by patience and forgiving : And when your fecret defire offire from heaven or fomede- ítru }ionof the adverfaries is greater than your defire and prayer for their converfion. The fure mark of true zeal is, that it is zealous Love : It maketh you love your neighbours and enemies more fervently than others do : But falfe zeal maketh you more inclined to their fffrinQ; and to re- proach and hurt them. Fifthly, It is an ill figne when your zeal is be- yond the proportion of your underflanding : And your prudence and experience is as much leI's than ther mens , as your zeal is greater. True zeal bath fome equalityof Light and Heat. Sixthly, It is an ill tìgnwhen it is a zeal which is eafily kept alive,and hardly rertrairied: For that íheweth the flefli and the Devil are too much its friend's. The true zeal of the fpirit loth need the feel of all holy means , and the bellows of meditation , andprayer to kindle it : and all is too little to keep it up in the conflancy that we defire. But carnal zeal will burn oc it felt with- out Inch endeavours. Seventhly, It is an ill figne when fome fec`l or falfe- teacher was the kindler of it ; and not the fober preaching ofthe truth. Eighthly, And it is an ill fign when it burneth in the fame foul where, /pig and ;math andpride and malice burn ; And when it profpereth at the fame time