Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

'1 24 c,9ltarks of falfe zeal. -time, when the loveofGoil, and a heavenly mind and life decay, The zeal of a fenfualift , of a proud man, of a covetous man, of a felf- conceited empty perfon, can hardly 'be thought a fpiritual zeal. 9. And it is an ill figs when it carrieth you from the holy side ; and pretendeth to come from fpirit which will not be tryed by the Scripture : Orwhen it driveth you toufe means which God forbiddeth in his Word : and putteth you upon' ways which the fealed Law and Teftimony con- demn : It cannot be of God, which is againft Gilds Word. zo. Ltftly, it is a fufpicious fgn, when it is contrary to the judgement, experience and zeal of the generality of the mol+ wife, experienced, tryed, fober, godly Chriftians ; and fo to theor- linary working ofGods Spirit in other men, who are as good as you. For Gods Spirit is not con- -trary to it felf. By all thefe figns you may eafly perceive, how the dividing zeal of a Sep as a fed , doth differ . from the genuineChriflian zeal.The one is a zeal forfome fsngsalar opinion : The other is a zeal for .64dlinefs and Chriftianity. Theone is kindled by force interefl of o'ar own religious reputation : the other is kindled by the interell of the will and glory of God. Theone is for the flrengthning of a Party The other is to increafe the Church Uni_ verfal, and promote the common caufe of Chili tlianity : evenwhen,fome.particular truthor duty is the M.itter of it, yet the general caufe of gedli- inefs is the end. Th: one is a barnin ,hurting zeal, even the, fame which hash made matter for fo many.