Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

126 ?"rue and falfe zeal diferenced. the other is not fo much befriended by Satan or the flefh, and therefore muff be preferved by prayer and meditation, and very great diligence, Flow hard is it to keep up a teal oins love of God and Man ? and a fervour in all our heavenly and fpi- ritual defires ? Abate but your diligence and this will prtfently decay i when the fierce, contend. ing, hurting, fepararing and perfecuting zeal loth need no inch fuel or labour to maintain it : The one is kindled by the enflaming cenfures of force rate and pa(fionate Preacher, that knoweth bet- terhove to kill Love than to c,4ufe it ; or by the fn- guiar conceits of force Seaary or Divider; or by the backbitings of fotne Doeg, or malicious Caltnrñniator The other is kindled by thé hum- ble, and heavenly preaching oche Gofpel,and by the meditations on Chrifts example, and a íludy to imitate him and his Saints in patience, for- bearance, fo' giving others and doing good. The one is a zeal whichcarrieth men from the Scripture, to pretenfes of fuck revelations, and infpirations, and impulfes as have no proofs but the feeling and fancy of the perfon : or at leafl, to abufe the Word cfGod, and plead it for that which it con- derrineth : It provoketh men tó fume unlawful ra&te, under pretenfe of r: ifnterpreted texts, and of good ends and meanings. The whet' f}il'. putteth you upon good, and fir.iveth agaínf% evil and goeth for tryal of every caufe to the Law and to the teffimony. Laflly, theone is a zeal which pretendeth the fpiírit, and yet goeth contrary to the common workings of the fpirir, in the moll part of the be and wifefi ChrWcians. But the other is the common vital heat, which animateth all