Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

?)iwidin3 Zeal what I25 Many Martyralogies, and frightful Hifiories,. by inquifitions,torments, prifons, flames, maffacres and bloody wars : And the fame which bath fi- lenced fomany faithful Miniflers, and difturbecl fo many States and Churches :. The other is a a1 of Love,which_maketh men ferventin doinggood to others Z he one caufeth men to revile and de- fpife and cenfure and backbite, and zealoufly to make all d`iffenters feem odious, that the hearers may abate their love to them. The other mak- eth us value all that is good in others, and to bide their nakednefs, and to make them better,, and to provoke the hearers to love and to good works. The one tendeth to divifons and Tidings and fe= parations and dif}ances from our brethren and to feed contentions : The other is a zeal for pity, amity andpeace. The one is the complexion of the weak, and childifh, the proud , and felf- conceited, the peevish and furlyfort of li'rofef- fours : The other is the zeal of folid knowledge, and of the prudent, humble, meek and well grounded fort of Chriftians. The one is a zeal which flyeth molt outward, againft the fins of o- ther men,_ andcan live with pride, and covetouf- nefs;and felfàfhnefs,and fenfuality at home : fuch ferve net the Lord jefu, tut their v:x» bellies, Rom. 16. 16; 17, The other beginneth at hornè, and confumeth all rhefe vices in the heart ;. and as zeal increafeth humility, and meeknefs, and love, and felf- denyaf, and temperance, and heavenly mindednefs increafe.. The one iseafily got and eafily kept, and kept under g O how ease is it to get and keep a contemptuous, cenforious, backbiting ,. dividing or perfecuting zeal l But the