Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Againfi CenjonotifEstfs. 129 ings , rzraths , f /rife: back biting: , whifperings filching!, tr rnarlts, and fo God would humble him among them. Rebuke Nick-bit-it/cgs and whifper- iñgs, or you will hardly avoid the real of thefe i- niquities. It may be the report which you hear, maybe all faife : Or it may be it is fome lit. tie matter made much greater than it is. Or it may be fome part of the truth is concealed and fome circumflance which would make it better, underflood. However, if it be true , when the reporter bath no call to fueak it , or when the accufed_is not heard fpeak for himfelf ; and you never heard what he hash to fay, there is finand injuflice in the back-biter , the believer and reporter. DIRECT, XXII. c.. take not your (elves judges of other mens a5hoi s, much lets of their gate, beforeyou( have a call, and before you have (u icìent_ acquaintance +tan or proof , oftheperfen and of e c fe. Ery common reporte and very confident pre V fumptions,may all prove injurious and falfec' You may hear that fuch a family is prophane, and that fuch a perfon bath no religion, that fuch aone, iscovetous, & fuch a one erroneous, &c.and when it comes to the,trial,it may all prove falfe. How-.. ever it mull be as falfe to you, till you known, or provë it to be true you may be ignorant of anoe. 0 ,