Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

3 2-, Cenfarïvurnef.c requited. number with . things indifferent. ] The Papit+ thinks the Proref+ant a Here*ick unworthy to live on earth and therefore thirtieth for his blood; And is he not requited by .the-cenfures of them that think that he is but a blood- thirfly limb .of A:ntichrifl himfelf :? If he think that the Prote- ft.ant cannot be faved, becaufe he is not a memher of the Pope, or Roman Church ; the Protef+ant requiteth him oft times with concluding , that a Papifl cannot gobeyond a reprobate, nor a wor- hipper of the Beaft be faved. I£ the Indepen- dent cenfure the Presbyterian as a favourer of loofer efs and formality, thePresbyterian can re- quite him, by cenfuring him to be an enemy to or der, government & peace,and a turbulent caute of all confufion.The fame I may fay of all other fens: It is not DON my purpofe to take part with any of them,nor to fpeak againfi any one of them more than the reft: But to them tell all of their miflake in their cenforious way, &: how certainly they pre- pare for the fame meafure and judgement which they.give toothers. Rom. 14.4. n hoart thou that jt dgeJt another mansfervant? Ì o his ow, mifler he ftandethor falleth ; Tea he [hall be holden up, for God ss able to make him{tend. But ihy jridgeft thou thy brother, or u7hy daft thou fet at nought thy brother ? We (hall all{hand before the judgement feat ofChriff-- Bo then every one of us {hall give account of hirfelf to God. It is ftrange that thofe men that can un derfland a text againft fwearing and drunkennefs, can fee no light nor feel no power in fuch words as thefe, DIRECT.