Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Cenforiouf»efs requited. I that God Will c4ufe it but he -will it, and therefore can fnretel it; and make á righteous pu nif onent,of the fin which he doth but. permit. Ism you not know that other men willcenfare and backbite you, as boldly grid as bufily as you do cenfure and backbite others. Is it fuch a pieafure to you to imitate the Devil, the great accufer, as that you will be as much accufed your felves, and as hardly thought of rather than you vOi11 give it over. And fee here how fin Beth crofs it felf. Molt Of the cenlorious, 'are préud perfons, who think others much worfe than themfelves ; and there-; 'fore fpeak worfeoftheir common andmore igno- rant neighbours, that they may be thought to be no common nor ignorant perfons themfelves and they are offended with the Pallor of the Church, for admitting fuch perfons into commu- nion with fuch as they : That fo their piety may be more confpicuous than their neighbours: when all this while theyare but preparing for their own. difhonour ; And others tivill judge as bad of them. When úfually the meek and humble and Merciful Chriflian who judgeth hardly of him- felf and tenderly of all others ; is tenderly and lovingly judged of by all. The Prelatift faith, E what obftinate perfons are thefe Non- conformifls, Theydo all to keep the approbation of their party ] And are they not requited by ma- ny of themwhom they cenfure, who fay [ What temporizing hypocrites are thefe Formalifls ànd Latitudinarians g Theywould turn,Papiffs orany thing to save their skins,or get prefer e t. What perjury or other heinous crime will they not M 2 nutiibet