Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

I `4 Wildafc4 ie Ll.ia fing you ? I hope you do not mean that no bo- dy mutt difpreafe pm? If not , you muff know that this only is true fcandal, to ecsa/ionyou to fin? And is not a thame that you will fin fo ea- fily? ' z. And if bare difpleafang had been fcapdal, then ptevifhnefcand ignorance would have advanced all that had them to be the Governours of the wor'.d. For whatis it to govern, but to have all others obliged to fulfil your wills? And if no man mutt difp1efe you then all mutt fulfil your wills: And e isfcandaloás that is notriled by you. And if this were. fo,'the molt chilli la and .,vomanifh fart of Ghriflians, who have the we' akelt judgement and the flrori e'f}'wils, and pátlions, muff rule all theworld For tbefe are hardlict} pleated , and do map mull di-fpleafe, them: But I befeech you remember that fcindal lieth in Ple.1fi àf men as well as in difpleafing them,when it may harden them in an errour , or tempt them to-any fin: I will inftance toyou but in two fcan= dalou-i ads of Teter himfelf. The firlt was to Chrifl iti 4d th. 16. 22, , 3`.' Where he thought topleafe Chrill and fave him from fuffering, and ,tuo&d bare' had him to (pare or favour hi-nfelf. And Chrifl fairh, Get thee behindme Satan,thott art an.offence to me : the Greekword is, Afcan- dal that"is, Thho:ì wouldfl do as,fatan did, even tempt me tofits.& neglect the work which I came into the world abòut. The "ocher was in G41.2. T 2, 3 , Were Peter did fcandälize the 7erps bypleafïng theí ! Voii fear of offending the weak Juda izing 'Chr,it.ians, he feparated from familiar comma- ionWith the Gentiles. By which he laid a hums. b hn