Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Av;otdfcorzal imP (tail tiling block or temptation before them , to har- den them in the finful opinion of 'feparation, If it had been done in our dayes many would have beendrawn away with Barnal&, and thought that Peter had not given remdal to the ewifhChriftianr, but only feparated for fear of fcandalizing them. Many a time I have the rather gone to the Com- mon prayers of the publickaffernblies, for fear of being a fcandal to thofe fame men that called the going to them a fcandal : that is, for fear ofh;r- dening them in a finful feparation and serrour : be- caufe I knew that that was not fcandal which. they galled fcandal, that is) difpleafng therm and crrrf._ fing their opinions : but hardening they: in an Were Tour or other fin, is true fcandalizing. Under- itand this or you will difpleafe God under pre- fence of avoiding fcandal. 135. DIRE CT.'XXIV, < 42ake cotfcirnce sf fcandalizing , ore party well ,¢a anotht, : Arid thofe . m©Lt who Are moJi indanger by pure c once, MAnyperfon,s pretend the avoiding offrandal, o ly to flatter one party and to preferve their own reputation and intereft with that fide which theyare lotheft °to difpleafe. And perhaps difcern not the deceit of their own hearts in all this; but think that it is indeed the fin of fcan- dal which they avoid. But why make you no con- fcience of icandalízing others, on the contrary M 4 fide t