Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Scandal opened, 137 Goa ? Nay that will fin becaufe I do myduty ? He will fay , No, they will not fin, but they will take it tobe _par fn, and they will be troubled at it ? I mull anfwer him, you talk offcandal , and know not what fcandal ù : fcandal is not troubling men, nor making them take me for a inner ; but occafioning them to fin themfelves by force unlaw- ful or needlefs a& of mine. Therefore if you know what you fay, you make the feparatilts almoll the worll of men, that will fin againf} God. becaufe another gill not fin : yea if they would but fin, becaufe another finneth it were, bad e- nough. I would ask you therefore, whether you take not the people of the Parifh Churches to be more than you ? and to be norfe than you ? If you took them not for much ucrfe than your felves, you would not feparate from them. And if you do think themworfe, you mull think that they are more in danger of finning , or being turned from the liking of godlinefs and of the Gofpel. And iffo, then we are bound to be more afraid of giving fçandal to them than unto you. Are not men moil afraid of overthrowing the children and the ue, rather than thofe that are flronver than themselves? ifyou are apter to fin and turn from Chrifl than the people of the Parifh Churches,we fhould rather feparaee from yosi than from them. If not , we mull more take heed of fcandalif. zing them than you. Obj. But Chrifl pronounced) a r'o to them that of- fend hi; little ones. Anfm. If by [ fending them] be meant only perfecuting and hurling them as many think , then lit is nothing to the queftion in hand. For I hope comma