Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Y 46 Avotá èandal ir,pártïallyo fide? Who perhaps aremore innumber,and whore falvatiota fliould be as much defired by you ? The Papia perhaps will not deliver the Lords Supper in both kinds , nor will forbear. his Image- wor- íhip, left he offend the Roman- Catholicks : But he careth not much that by fo doing he offe.ndeti the Protellants and other Churches ; Nor that his Images are a fcandal toall the Maho.rnetana,and keep them from the Christian faith. And thus every fec faith; If you dò this or that, you will fcandalize and offend many good people : Mean - ing their ogn fide : But they rever regard how many others they fhall really fcandalize by the contrary .One faith, It is fcandalous to de ex- temporary prayers And another faith , it ;y i"candalous topray by forms and books : And both fides ufually mean no more , but that their own party will be difplcafed and take it for a fin. But as be is not fcandalized by me, who only taketh my a `tion to be afin ; but he that is enfeared by it in any fin himfelf ; fo whether it be dijpleáfing or tempting that you mean, you muff regard one fide as well as the other. The heavenly wifdome is xrithosit patiality and withont 'hypocrifie. Jam. 3 ii And ufually they talk moí againa fcandalizing thole whom they account to be the [eft:And the belt are leaft in danger offinning. And fo they accufe them to be the worft, ár elfe they know not wheat 'they fay. For fuppofe a feparatift fhould fay, If, you hold communion with any iarifh minifter or Church in England, it will be a fcandal to many cod people ! I would ask filch a one why call you tholegood people that aEe eafily drawn to fin againl God?