Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Be above all rnerss cenjures. 14t them into a irate of hope and forwardnefs, to be íhortly after caf+ off by them as formaliiis or temporizers or any thing that their lick fancies will call us. But for all this,it is but one of thofe trials which God will have his fervants undergo And both Minifters andprivate perfons mat be above the praife and the difpraife even of felf... conceited Religious perfons, before they can be fit to follow Chrift, as tried and firmly fetled men. Stand your ground if you are in the right. Truth will bear all your charges at the laft, and will defend it felf and you : If you pleafe met ( whoever they be) contrary to God and con- fcience, you are fervants of men, and verily 3ó.s have yrisr regard. math. 6. But you are no longer thefervants of . Chrift. gal. 1. i o. And you will never be fetled, but change as the Moon as the parties or opinions of the cenfnrerJ change. But if you flick to the words of truth and fobernefs, at lait the fober part of the Religious will be your encouragers, and many of the giddy will come to you by Repentance whenexperience hath filmed them that which they would not learn of you. That which is vertiginous will at 1aí1 fettle its refs on that which is permanent and firm : As boys when they have made theofelves wh el fick with turninground , will lay holdon the next poi% to keep them from falling. There- fore bear the cenfares cf the ignorant. Pleafe them in all things lawful for their good and edifi- cation;and become all things to all men in a lawful way:But depart not from the principles or praife Of Chri(lian-onion, Communion, Charity , \or So- brietyxto pleaÇe ahviding hotbzain'd party,nor to cfcape