Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

14a Live above the GeisfaresofthePeople. efcape their fbarpef cenfures. He is unfit to be a Phyfician that cannot bear a mad mans railings, or the halt' exprefliions of his friends, when a phrenfie or leaver makes them brain-lick. When you have followed them in their violent heats a while to avoid their cenfure , either you mull come back with forrow, or run to the end with them, as many in this age have done to their own, and to the Churches, and the States confulon ; or which is worft of all, God may juílly give you up, to be of their minds, and to think that way right and neceffary at laff, which at firflyou only yield- ed to, in compliance with the heats of other men.. And when you have finned againfl God to avoid their cenfures, andkeep an interell in them,- its two to one, but they will turnon Dill further and further, till you are forced to let them go, andyou shall in the end be more cenfured and defpifed by them, than if you had never humoured them at, all. Thefe things are written in an age of full experience, by one that bath Peen theproof inmultitudes. For my own part, I will be f6 ingenùous and thankful , to the difingenuous and unthankful world as to confefs, that they have ufed me with unufual Moderation and civility 5 in that -they have Dill mixed too high commendations with their blind unreafonable Cenfures. But yet I mull fay that he isvvorfe than a fool who would not be tauf,h,, by fo much experience as I have had, of the vanity of the judgings of the vertigi- nous world, to choofe a more fledfaft feat for his ref+, than a windmills-fails. The malicious cen- fs rers and railers onone fide, and the rev; con- fours