Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

I47 of Cenfure. One will cenfure me for praying with a form, or book , and another for praying without it. One for being too long, and another for being too fhort : one for this gefiure, and a- nother for that : One for preaching when I am fleeced; another for not preaching more. One for being too gentle to diflenters , and another for being too fevere : One for being too narrow in myprinciples, and communion ; and another, for being too large and univerfal. And if in the fente of the fin and mifery offome ChriftianslLove-killing principles and praaifes, I have (pent the bet} oftwenty years, in writing, preaching ( while I had leave) conferring and praying for the Union ofChriftians and the Chúr- ches peace ; I have but made a wedge of my bare hand, by putting it into the clift; and both fides have cl6fed upon me to mypain.Put I have turned both parties in the fray, which I endeavoured to part, aga innmy fel£ when each fide had one ado verfary,I had two. Nay this is not the Norft to be expeeted 13ut moreover I mutt add, that I was never more ac- cufed ofany thing as a crime, than of that which I did molt againtt , And even for doing fo. Ne.. ver more fufpeaed of Carnal compliance, than when I exercifed the greatenfelf-denial : Never more accufed of unpeaceablenefs , than for la- bouring for the Churchespeace. Never was I more accufed of Schifm , than for ftriving with all my power , to have united the Minifters, and healed the Church, or at lean pirevented further. divifions. Never more accufed of enmityagainiïr the true Difcipline of the Church, than when I, N have