Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

146 muff meddle with no trurh : For one or other controverteth all things ; ( the immortality Qf the Soul, Chriftianity and the Deity , not ex, cepted.) If in prayer it felf I let fall a confeffion of the controverted fin , which any are guilty of who are prefent, they cenfure that Confellion, and in- ¡lead of repentance, are ready to fay they will joynwith fuch a one no more;And it is tieConfef- fonwhich muff be the fin. But ifonce we have to do againfi the fin, of any that are Gre4t or Godly, that porter or piety is made a patron of the errour ; then it may be a fmarting cenfure indeed, which we may expe& : Onecrieth out, He is a peflilent fellow, and a mover of (edition; as they did of Paril, though I hate and preach-againf} f.dition. Another faith, he is bitter and fpeaketh againfi the Godly,when I fpend my felf to preach up Godlinefs. But if it be a party that is engaged in the er. tour , you malt expe& the cenfure of all the pas". ry. And what errour is it that hash not a party ? or that bath neither Great/vie, nor godlinef for a refuge ? If in doetrinal or pra&icai confultations of great moment you have to do with injudicious tnskilful men, if you contradia their way (be it never fo modefy) you are proud and felf- t-paionatedand inull have your own way : If you follow their miifakes, and contradi& them not, you maywound the Church and Caufe of Chrifi, andbe more generally cenfured at the laft. In a word, when fuch a multitude of things are matters ofCfntrcver /exaç many may be the mattes