Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

it they has tranflated it [Zeal] ver. 16. where zeal and firife is (that is , a /lriving contentious zeal) there is confuPion andevery evil work.] If you believe this , how dare yeti blame me for writing to rave you from confa/Jon andevery evil ,yorá ? á.I Will conclude with the repetition of one thing delivered in this Treatife; that among all the rufl, two feparating dividing principles will never give peace to the Churchwhere they prevail. The one 15; the confounding mens ?'isle to viß6le Church Member/htp and Communion, with their Title to Juftification and Salvation. Theother is, the Impofing ofnew terms and titles of Vifible memberfhip and Cormitz; pion ; and rejeäing the fufliciency of the terms and title of Chrifls appointment. Chrift path folemnly and purpofely made the BaJtifmal Covenanting with him to be the terms and title to Church ñ emberfhip and Communion; And the owning ©f this fame Covenant is the fufhcient Title of the adult. And the impofers that cone after,' and require another kind of evidence of Converfion , or Sanelication than this, doconfound the Church, and enflame the people,, and leave no certain wayof tryal -, but makeas various terms and tïtles,ras there are various degrees of wifdoae andCha. C á city