Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

dence. But in order to their preparation for the judgment of God , we muff dire& them to judge themfelves according to the truth in the inward parts. 5. While.' draw you to peace and mo- deration towards others, I defire not to quench the l'eaff degree of Chriffian zeal: Nay I endeavour to kill that which would kill it. The purified peculiar people of the Redeemer are zealous , but of what ? not to confume and deflroy one another, nor to hateand flye from one another ; nor to vilifie and backbite oneanother ; but they are zealous of good works : And Paul will tell you what aregood works, Gal. 5. x 232 3. Love, joy, peace, long-fuffering , gentlenefs, goodnefs, faith, meeknefs, temperance Be zealous in Loving all Chriftians as Chri- fians, and all mess men : Be zealous for peace : It it be po f jible, as much as in you lyetb,live peaceably wish all men,Roni. 2 z 8. Be zealoufly patient-, gentle, good, meek, temperate:And theworks of the fiefhare-- hatred, variance , emulation, wrath , firife, (edition, herefies : A zeal for thefe is earthly fenfual and devili(b , as lames telleth you. And remember that the word which is tranflated there [Envyl is [ Zeal] in the Original : But our tranflators were afraid, left the prophane would have miftaken it , if