Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

MiiiMMittttgffM AN ABSTRACT, OF THE DIRECTIONS 1. Orget not the difference between the younger fort of C'hriflians , and the Elder. The e ril ofthe Church fromy.onng Chriftians. p Obferve theferret workings offpiritual pride,and how deep reotedand odicu, afin it is, and what fpecial temptations toil, the younger andemptier fort of Chri- dans have. 3. Overvalue not the Common gift of utterance, nor ea highprofefon, 43 if grace were appropriated to fuck alone, who are to be called Profefors, , API not to be made eminent and confpicuous in ho/me/s, by Handing at a further diflance from corn- mon Chriflians, than God would haveyou. .underfland the true differencebetween the Church as Vifibre and as Regenerate or myflical ; and the fe yeral qualifications of the Members. that Scandals were in the primitive Churches, in Scripture times, 6. Under%land well the different Conditions and terms of Communion with the Church as m}fiical and vi(ible, and the different priviledges of the.members that you may not prefume to :impfe any Conditions C 3 which