Baxter - BV649 B3 1670

Reverence she Elder Chriftidns. 'Therefore feeing the peace and welfare of the Church, is much more valuable, than the peace and welfare of an individual foul, as i have Di.. retied you how to efcape your on diflorbance and undoing, fo I think it as neceffary to direst you, how to efcape being the Plagues and diflurbers of the Church, and the inflruments of Satan in rei- ning the Gofpel, and deflroyingothers. And you Mould be the more willing to hear me in this al- fo, becaufe by hurting othersyou hurt your fetves, and by wronging the Church of God, you crofs your ownde%res and ends (if you are Chriftians indeed ; ) avid bydoing good to others, and fur- thering the caufe of Godlinefs and Chriflianity, you do good to your fetves and further your own, Cofolationand Salvation. DIRECT. I. Irff, obferve this General direStion ; fee that A. you fdget net the great difference bemeen 17c,vi ces sandexperienced C iant ; bets een the babes and thcfe at full 'age betz.een the z'eah and the ftrong in grace Level them not in your eftimation. It is not for nothing that the Spirit cf God in Scri- pture maketh fo great a difference between them, as you may read inHeb. N. i I, r a3, ,I.4, & 6: I, 2. I Lim. 3. 6. I jam 2. 12) 13, i4. There are babes, flrcag men-, and fathers among Chriflt- ans. There are forte that aredrill of bearing, and have . need of milk, and are unskilful in the read cf righteoufnefs, and mufi be taught the principles; and there are others who candigefffirong meat, rho by 'red-